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Trish Lehman

Trish Lehman

Aalen, Germany

English & German

EFT / Tapping

+49 07361 370911

Originally, from Detroit,MI, I've lived overseas Asia & Germany a long time. I know Culture shock and intercultural integration first hand. My work in massage therapy, breath work, Reiki Ayurveda and EFT to release blocks - pain trapped in the body. YES, this strange technique of tapping on your face, body, hands REALLY works!
In the midst of a personal crisis - trauma I was introduced to EFT. I was so intrigued & amazed I trained in it and certified asaClinical Practitioner.
I use it personally and professionally.
If you are ready to take a step forward I am here to listen and walk beside you.
Honoring you, honoring your service.

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