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Michael Messmer

Michael Messmer

Bethel Park, PA, USA

Speaks English

EFT / Tapping

+1 484 580 9333

I'm Michael Messmer. As an Energy Psychology Coach, I have been practicing since 2010. My goal is to help clients transform their struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma, limiting beliefs, grief, anger, shame, and more into a life worth living with joy and happiness.

I grew up in a small town where I experienced childhood trauma (a life-threatening accident), bullying, and abuse. My belief system was one that pitted the world against me. I believed that struggle was part of living and so as an adult, I chose situations where struggle was unavoidable both professionally and personally.

Since being helped by EFT Tapping in 2009 and becoming a Zen Buddhist, my life has transformed into one of joy, connection, and peace.

I began my coaching practice in 2010 to help people just like myself live their lives without being stuck in poor choices, and self-destructive habits such as overspending, drinking, anxiety patterns, fear, and traumatic memories.

My clients have resolved their own struggles to start businesses, receive promotions, and make professional and personal connections that didn't seem possible before.

While the work of shifting beliefs and behaviors was imperative to their success, none of it would have been possible without their own bravery to look inside and decide to reach for a better life. Each client is an example of their own self-actualization.

Now it's your turn. I am here on Stress Solution because you and your family deserve the opportunity to live with love, peace, and joy. Will you take the first step in your journey toward better health, relationships, and professional opportunities?

I offer you both gentle and expert guidance along with loving-kindness. Your own joy, peace, and success await you.

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