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Joanne Kingston

Joanne Kingston

Feura Bush, NY, USA

Speaks English

EFT / Tapping, Life Coaching


I began my public service career over 30 years ago when I became a rape crisis counselor and crime victims’ services coordinator. My education and experience in those positions gave me insight into trauma, grief and an array of emotions usually kept hidden in our society.

I continued my public service and entered law enforcement. My 25+ year career as a state trooper opened my world to the darkest criminals, the most wounded and vulnerable victims, death, and destruction. I worked alongside my brothers and sisters in law enforcement with their strengths and weakness, as they worked their job and balanced their family lives. Many of my coworkers had dual careers in the military and were deployed for extended periods. They shared their difficulties, emotions, and concerns with me and I assisted them as much as they would allow me.

While still in law enforcement, I returned to college to completed my Master’s degree and became licensed as a social worker. I gained experience in mental health and hospice before retiring from law enforcement.
Even though I have been an LMSW for 15 years and have been in public service even longer, I have battled anxiety and PTSD. I have searched for other tools to assist me where talk therapy did not succeed. I found Emotional Freedom Techniques and found it highly effective in desensitizing the emotional attachment to my traumatic memories.
I am a Clinical EFT Practitioner and use EFT, meditation, visualization, and other tools in my Life Coach practice to assist adult clients to their desired path. Whether it is reducing their stress, clarifying their productivity blocks and emotional patterns or breaking down their trauma, we work as a team to find solutions to their issues.

I believe I have the education, experience and most importantly- listening skill and empathy to assist veterans in clarifying their next path; to go forward with less stress and more peace.

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