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Marine Vietnam Veteran

Marine Vietnam Veteran

US Veteran

Vietnam Veteran Testimonial
I received several EFT sessions from Marilyn McWilliams through the Veterans Stress Project. I wish I’d found EFT when I first got back from Vietnam. It would have saved me a lot of pain, suffering, and anguish.

All the years since Vietnam I had horrible nightmares. The nightmares stopped immediately after we did an EFT session on the nightmares. That was over a year and a half ago and I haven’t had a nightmare since. I don’t wake up screaming and sweating anymore. After all those years since Vietnam, the horrific, in living-color, violent nightmares are gone.

I’m grateful to EFT. My whole life since Vietnam I was full of anger, hate and wanting to kill. I don’t have anger anymore, I don’t hate anyone anymore, I don’t want to kill anyone anymore. All the guilt I’ve carried for all these years is gone. And that’s a great feeling. You can’t buy that kind of feeling. I’ve walked out of EFT sessions in total peace. If I passed away today I would want to go out feeling like I do now.

If every kid coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan could have EFT right after they get back, it would make a world of difference. There is no reason for them to spend over 40 years in anguish like I did.

I still have the memories, but I’m OK. I’m talking from the heart.

Vietnam Veteran, Marine

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