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Jurgen (Jerry) Degen

Jurgen (Jerry) Degen

US Veteran

My healing from PTSD began Sept 2011 during an EFT 1 course with Nancy Forester in Grimsby Ontario Canada. The greatest release of these demons happened, after a 2 1/2 hr. session during my EFT 2 course, in Concord New Hampshire. Ingrid Dinter led me through what I can only describe as an exorcism, in which the power of EFT was greater than the grip that these traumatic and demonic events had on me!

The final and most profound scene of this movie occurred recently in Toronto Canada, in October 2012, where you Karin Davison, vanquished the demons and forced them into submission! I know and sense with every cell in my body that it is finally over and I have my life back. I cannot thank you enough for your masterful skill set in the delivery of the advanced EFT technique called Matrix Reimprinting.

If we equate my journey of healing to a 1,000 mile journey;

1) conventional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy didn’t get me there. 2) EFT got me fairly well along the journey, but the vehicle (me), required some repairs and some super test fuel. There is no doubt that I was going to complete the journey successfully with the EFT vehicle but it would take much longer. (I tapped my face off daily) 3) Matrix Re imprinting is like screaming along the airways at Mach 1.8 ( about 900 mph) at flight level 330 (approximately 33,000 ft.) , unabated! ( less than an hour in a fighter ). Sorry for the metaphor, but as you now know, I am also an airline pilot, and I know intimately, what flying at Mach speeds feels like, as opposed to driving in traffic for a 1,000 miles. The Matrix is simpler, gentler, and will get you to the destination for sure and at a phenomenal speed. Oh ….and very minimal traffic along way!

Incidentally the Matrix experience is exactly how we train and test airline pilots in a simulator. They crash and burn frequently but we have the ability to go back in space and time and redo the same events that caused them to crash. Only then, we do it correctly with the desired outcome. Then just like the Matrix we re run the positive event so it sticks at the subconscious level and becomes the default norm.

EFT is like the foundation and the concrete structure required to build a skyscraper. It also comprises many of the lower floors. The Matrix utilizes the knowledge and skill set derived at constructing the foundation, to a much higher level, and at a much faster pace, to complete the skyscraper! If the foundation and lower floors are built with sand the entire building collapses around you. If EFT and the MATRIX were egos, then once we look past the egos, ….We just stand back and marvel at the beauty that we have created, one that will withstand the test of time, or many life times. Instead of saying EFT did it or the MATRIX did it, we should just be grateful from the heart for the results.

I am a very results oriented man. I fly professionally and if I hammer the Boeing on the runway during our landing in Montego Bay Jamaica, it will ruin my day and 200 other people’s also! If I live, I can replicate the entire scenario in a simulator so I will never do it again. The key here are the results. Albert Einstein said that his definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again…but expecting different results.” As an officer in the Fire Service the results I demanded / expected, was that we save the people….all of them… and that my crews are safe and everyone goes home. When that didn’t happen in several fires and accidents, it rocked my boat until it capsized and nearly sank.

I believe that with the advanced EFT technique of Matrix Reimprinting we are reshaping lives , past, present and future! These methods get results, time and time again!

I hope it will convince anyone who reads it, that I am healed, and I now have energy. This works. I am the living testimonial!

I AM PROFOUNDLY GRATEFUL FOR EFT, THE MATRIX, NANCY FORESTER, INGRID DINTER, and you KARIN DAVIDSON . Also thank you GARY CRAIG & KARL DAWSON. (EFT and Matrix creators, respectively) Your contributions to so many helpless souls, who became helpless by keeping us all safe in our homes, is profound beyond words…approaching the divine. Thank you from me and on behalf of the thousands that you help every day.

My payback for their miracle, is to save as many poor souls who are suffering as I can in the beautiful life that I have remaining.

Thank you all, Jurgen (Jerry) Degen

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