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Annie O'Grady

Annie O'Grady

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia


EFT / Tapping

+61 448 338 289 (message, text)

Helping men and women reach peace and open up to better possibilities inspires me. I feel such constant gratitude for the amazing science-backed healing method called Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT tapping). My mission is to lessen suffering and promote thriving, as quickly as possible.. My gratitude is for both the improvements felt by my thousands of clients and students since I discovered EFT in 2005, and for my own experiences of tapping to feel better. I changed my established practice in transpersonal breathwork to specialise in tapping. EFT's range of skills, with its unique gentle trauma and pain clearing techniques, are the best gift I can offer people who so courageously signed up for war service and are left suffering. I understand that also, if a family member is diagnosed with PTSD, life becomes difficult for other family members.

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